Cloverdale-Idlewild Association (CIA)

A Historic Montgomery Neighborhood


The purpose of the Cloverdale-Idlewild Association is to enhance community value by assisting the neighborhood in achieving the following objectives:


  • Promote and coordinate community gatherings, fundraising activities, seasonal events and projects.
  • Establish communication among members and residents using such methods as newsletters, flyers, telephone trees, e-mail lists, newspapers, community bulletin boards, web sites and other means.
  • Keep residents informed of civic and legal developments affecting property use.
  • Communicate neighborhood interests to city authorities and other agencies, and follow up to see that actions are taken. 
  • Participate in Montgomery's Neighborhood Services program to establish liaison with other neighborhood associations and city officials, and to obtain training.
  • Erect and maintain appropriate signage designating the neighborhood.
  • Enhance historic preservation by monitoring compliance with property restrictions, helping residents comply, and when necessary reporting violations to the proper authorities.
  • Pursue neighborhood improvements, beautification projects and urban forestry initiatives.
  • Carry out an ongoing program for the enrollment of eligible households into the CIA.
President - Kyle Robinette
Vice President - Eve Harmon
Second Vice President - Theresa Steele-Mitchell
Secretary - Tom Turley
Treasurer - Kate Shuster
CIA Committees
The Programs & Communications Committee
The Programs Committee develops and implements programs, projects and events designed to achieve the goals of the Association.  The Communications Committee attends to any publicity occasioned by meetings or events, coordinates and disseminates press releases and publications as approved by the Executive Committee, publishes a periodic newsletter for members, and maintains the Association's communications network.
The Membership Committee
Certifies applications for membership, maintains a directory of current members, prepares dues notices, organizes membership drives, events and mailings for the purpose of increasing the membership of the Association, and solicits nominations for elections.
The Beautification Committee
Promotes neighborhood beautification and appropriate planting and maintenance of trees, monitors compliance with historic preservation rules, maintains liaison with the Architectural Review Board, City Council, City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment, and promotes the understanding and awareness of laws and ordinances related to the objectives of the Association.



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